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Naama Zohar x Craft & Bloom Rattan Slim Shade

Naama Zohar x Craft & Bloom Rattan Slim Shade

The Rattan Slim Shade is handwoven by local Israeli craftswoman, Naama Zohar. Weaving in spirit and matter, Naama is dedicated to preserving ancient wisdom while honoring modern motifs. 

The slim profile and iconic shape casts a downward glow, ideal for illuminating a specific area – dining table, bedside table, entrance way etc.


Currently, we have only produced a very limited run. If you would like to order more than one, please allow for 4 week lead time. 


Each piece is handmade and therefore each piece is unique. Slight variations may occur.

SKU: nz1

Height: 26 cm (10.2")

Diameter: 32 cm (12.6")

Cord Length: 120 cm (47.2"), adjustable

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