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Meira Sitton x Craft & Bloom Linen Duvet Cover

Meira Sitton x Craft & Bloom Linen Duvet Cover

100% Linen - In addition to its beauty, it is five times stronger than cotton, hypoallergenic and fully biodegradable. That is why, though the material is rooted in ancient history, meirasitton believes it is the fabric of the future: a durable and smart textile that mirrors a conscious mindset. Meirasitton linens distil the barest of essentials to continuously uplift everyday in-house living.


Hidden button closure at bottom. 


Each item is wrapped in a complimentary decorative pillowcase, size 35x55 cm /14x22 inch


The color wheat was inspired by Craft & Bloom.


To mix and match with other colors please visit

100% linen, garment wash

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